× This week: Union Chapel for Matilda Mann, Eloise, Hohnen Ford and Lydia Luce

This week: Union Chapel for Matilda Mann, Eloise, Hohnen Ford and Lydia Luce


This is a special show. On Friday December 15th the Union Chapel in London will be the stage for Matilda Mann, Eloise, Hohnen Ford and Lydia Luce who will be performing live with Lockeland Strings. 

Lockeland Strings is a community arts organization that puts on monthly showcases of local artists accompanied by string quintet, alongside performances of new contemporary classical pieces from local composers. 

Matilda Mann is a born-and-raised Londoner who has enjoyed an incredibly bright start to her still-young career in music. On the airwaves, Matilda has enjoyed tastemaker support from the likes of BBC Radio 1 where recent single Borderline Insane was premiered as Hottest Record In The World.

Branching out beyond the soft, jazz-tinged soul of her early work, Drunk On A Flight saw the 23-year-old singer-songwriter Eloise broadening her horizons and applying her pop nous to a much wider palette of sounds. It is a coming of age album about embracing the moment; a heartbreak record that empowers listeners to luxuriate in their feelings –however messy or complicated they may be.

Born and raised in North London, Hohnen Ford grew up immersed in London’s vibrant Jazz scene, becoming fixated on instrumental jazz music of the 20th Century and later studying Jazz at the Royal Academy of Music

On her new album Florida Girl, Lydia Luce offers up a body of work graced with all the transformative beauty of watercolor, at turns delicate, dreamlike, and instantly potent in its emotional realism. The second full-length from the Fort Lauderdale-born singer/songwriter, Florida Girl matches its luminous form of indie-folk with an in-depth examination of Luce’s inner life, exploring everything from mortality to body image to the ineffable intricacy of human connection.

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