× The Sadies take "Colder Streams" to the UK this week

The Sadies take "Colder Streams" to the UK this week


The Sadies don't just hit the heights because they are very tall. They touch the sky with their incredible songwriting, musicianship and exceeding charm as well. "Colder Streams" brings listeners to the warmest waters we've yet encountered from these Canadian stalwarts. There is a familiarity that breeds anything but contempt. There is a sweeping majesty to the songs on "Colder Streams".

From the opening explosion of "Stop and Start" onward, it's obvious that something very special is happening here. Songs such as "More Alone" and "All The Good" offer melancholy yet simultaneously provide elation with their beautiful panoramic soundscapes. The searing "No One's Listening" features some of The Sadies most fiery six string squeals to date. "Better Yet" somehow matches the ferocity of Love's "Seven and Seven Is" yet offers a brand new equation. "Ginger Moon" brightly illuminates the band's passion for sixties garage rock.

It's fitting that an album so boldly cinematic in nature should close with "End Credits". And like a classic film, everytime you encounter "Colder Streams" you will discover something you missed previously. There is so much beauty to take in here it can be overwhelming. Get in the water now!

This week the band hits the UK for a select number of shows:

24/01: London, UK - AMA UK
27/01: Chester, UK - St Mary’s Creative Space
28/01: Nottingham, UK - The Old Cold Store
29/01: Leeds, UK - Brudenell Social Club

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