× The Queers cancel European tour

The Queers cancel European tour


The Queers have cancelled their upcoming European tour due to unfortunate circumstances. Their statement can be read underneath. We're sorry to all promoters and people being involved to make this happen; also the fans who have been waiting for so long to see them live.

"Well. We must apologize to our all our fans expecting to see us in Europe the next 3 weeks. Unfortunately, Dave's girlfriend is very sick (hospitalized sick) and we will not do this without him. We do not take canceling lightly and we are aware we caused some headaches for our fans and promoters. We plan to make these up. We're gonna start that process now. Hope our fans understand, but it's serious and we gotta back our bandmate - - - The Queers

Most shows will be cancelled fully, but others will continue without The Queers. We encourage everyone to support punkrock and go to the shows that persue.