× The Courettes move their NL tour dates again

The Courettes move their NL tour dates again


The Courettes are a garage duo sensation from Brazil and Denmark!

One of the most hard working bands on the scene, The Courettes have been busy delivering their full-speed energetic performances (more than 250 concerts!) in 15 countries around Europe and Brazil. Even in this crazy period they were doing lots of shows. Were because various governments including NL have new restrictions in place. This means their shows this month had to be rescheduled again, this is their current schedule:

23/01: Utrecht, NL - dBs
24/01: Helmond, NL - Lokaal 42
17/06: Deventer, NL - Burgerweeshuis
18/06: Middelburg, NL - Kaffee t Hof

Aside from their touring The Courettes have been hard at work at their own StarrSound Studios working on new songs for their as yet untitled third album, to be released next year by Damaged Goods. This brand new limited edition single is taken from those sessions and is a great taster of things to come!

The duo's previous single releases include the Spectoresque single Christmas (I Can Hardly Wait), a girlie pop Christmas anthem filled with fuzzed out guitars and trashy jingle bells (released by Danish label Crunchy Frog) and Too Late To Say I'm Sorry 7” EP with four killer tracks recorded/mixed by Liam Watson at ToeRag Studios (released by Portuguese label Groovie Records). And not foregtting the explosive single Boom! Dynamite! (Bachelor Records, Austria, 2016), and Hoodoo Hop a split with Powersolo (Sounds of Subterrania, Germany, 2017)

Previous albums include Here are the Courettes (Sounds of Subterrania, Germany, 2015), a shaking live album Alive from Tambourine Studios (Chaputa Records, Portugal, 2017), and the second studio album, We Are The Courettes (Sounds of Subterrania, Germany, 2018).

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