× Sarah Shook & the Disarmers adds extra tour dates and releases "Nightroamer" early 2022

Sarah Shook & the Disarmers adds extra tour dates and releases "Nightroamer" early 2022


I’m starting to realize that being an outlier and a weirdo––it doesn’t have to be a bad thing,” says Sarah Shook. Shook pauses, then adds with a grin, “It can be whatever you want it to be.”

Shook is home in North Carolina, talking about "Nightroamer", the hotly anticipated new album from their band, Sarah Shook & The Disarmers. Backed by white-knuckle playing from Eric Peterson on guitar, Aaron Oliva on upright bass, drummer Jack Foster, and Adam Kurtz on pedal steel, Shook has pulled from Hank Williams, Elliott Smith, the Sex Pistols, and Shook’s own inquisitive, open, outlying self to create pop-savvy, honky-tonk punk that’s both an escape and a reality check––a re-opened wound and a balm. Relationships and life-changing realizations are dissected with honesty and humor, three tight minutes at a time.

Where is the handbook for relationships that isn’t just how to keep your man around for 20 years?” Shook says, “Where is the offbeat situational relationship handbook? I feel like a lot of what I write is that––and most of the time, I don’t have the answers. I’m just asking the questions that we’re all asking.

This is still a band whose recordings beg to be heard live, either in a punk-rock hole in the wall or honky-tonk roadhouse. Shook’s voice is crystalline––but boozy, too, with a cadence that sounds comfortable resting in the pocket before lagging, jumping, or cozying up to the offbeat. What initially may feel like a slip is actually a stroke––and listeners cannot get enough.

With "Nightroamer" the Sarah Shook and the Disarmers will be over in Europe in August / September:

17/08: Stockholm, SWE - Fåfängan
18/08: Oslo, NO - John Dee
19/08: Falkenberg, SWE - Tryckhallen
20/08: Kristianstad, SWE -Biljardkompaniet
21/08: Copenhagen, DK - Ideal Bar
23/08: London, UK - Omeara
24/08: Manchester, UK - Night People
25/08: Glasgow, UK - Hug & Pint
26/08: Newcastle, UK - The Cluny
27/08: Lutterworth, UK - The Long Road Festival
28/08: Lutterworth, UK - The Long Road Festival
31/08: Berlin, DE - Badehaus
01/09: Hamburg, DE - Nochtwache
02/09: Altlandsberg, DE - Buchholz Saloon
03/09: Deventer, NL - Burgerweeshuis
04/09: Groningen, NL - Der Aa Theater
05/09: Utrecht, NL - dBs
07/09: Bilbao, ESP - Kafe Antzokia-Kutxa Beltza
08/09: Zaragoza, ESP - Rock & Blues Cafe
09/09: Avilés, ESP - Factoría Cultural
10/09: Madrid, ESP- Café Berlín
11/09: Barcelona, ESP - Upload


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