× Pulley's tour passes through Den Bosch' skatepark this week

Pulley's tour passes through Den Bosch' skatepark this week


Californian band Pulley epitomizes punk rock at its edgy best, and they sound like they’re raging against the world, forcing their way through the barrage of unwanted noise and colliding with the status quo… and then pulverizing it. By doing so, Pulley have elevated into an act totally in control of their muse. They’re not the biggest band on the planet, but their music is big, bold, dramatic, riff infused and meticulously created.

The Golden Life, their last record, enforces a punk spin and does what it sets out to do, and that’s giving people a natural embrace. As a record of substance, it doesn’t rely on the same done-to-death riff or an overly used lyric. It actually tells a story, and one that tackles many themes. These themes are dark and somewhat depressive. Pulley certainly aren’t a collective to shy away from the razor-sharp, cutting realism that life brings.

Not just on the warpath, Pulley dance with every riff that they create and dazzle with every lyric they put down on paper. They’re not one of your run-of-the-mill punk bands singing about decaying lust or jokes and they’re notably pushing the genre either. Instead, they’re augmenting it and adding their own monumental slant in the process.

The Golden Life by Pulley dodges clichés and hyperbolic intentions. It’s also a record of hard-hitting songs, which are melodic and sincere.

This Friday Pulley plays the skate hall of Den Bosch:
27/07: Den Bosch, NL - WSC



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