× Lauren Ruth Ward hits the road starting on April 1st

Lauren Ruth Ward hits the road starting on April 1st


Emotions that we feel but don’t talk about, and political taboos drenched in sarcasm, shaken, and poured into a glass battlecry on the psych-rocks — the Lauren Ruth Ward cocktail. All genders and all ages, give “MINDSEYE,” “Suburban Ego,” and “SELF LOVE" a taste. Ward’s raspy vibrato weaves perspectives that'll leave an imprint. Feel it for yourself this April on their UK/European headlining tour.

In the 8 years Lauren Ruth Ward has been releasing music, much has changed within the industry. As artists are being forced to stray from the creation of “art” and the scope of what it means to be a successful musician becomes smaller and smaller, the further the disconnect between fan and artist. On both sides there is a craving to feel, and one can only feel through self discovery, not through force-fed algorithms. 

In spite of the above, Lauren’s relationship with their fans has only become stronger through continued intimate, authentic connection and mutual loyalty. This feeling has become Lauren’s definition of success, and this tour is an embodiment of that feeling.

01/04: Zürich, CH - Dynamo ^
02/04: Paris, FR - Supersonic %
04/04: Milan, IT - Legend Club &
05/04: Mareno di Piave, IT - Corner Live $
08/04: Vienna, AT - B72 *
09/04: Prague, CZ - Cafe v Lese @
11/04: Cologne, DE - MTC 
12/04: Alkmaar, NL - Blue Heart Festival
13/04: Hengelo, NL - Heartland Festival
14/04: Venlo, NL - Down By The River 
16/04: Aarhus, DK - VinDanmark !
18/04: Copenhagen, DK - Råhuset ! 
19/04: Hamburg, DE - Nochtwache !
21/04: Munich, DE - Import/Export !
23/04: Frankfurt, DE - Nachtleben !
25/04: London, UK - Water Rats !
26/04: Birmingham, UK - Kitchen Garden Café !
27/04: Manchester, UK - The Yard !
28/04: Newcastle, UK - The Cluny !

^ with Nina Valotti
% Naomi Greene
& with Infrared
$ with Leyla El Abiri
* with Marley Wildthing
@ with Sofie
# with Frieda Böbbis
! with Tummyache



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