× Imperial Wax bring "Gastwerk Saboteurs" to NL this month

Imperial Wax bring "Gastwerk Saboteurs" to NL this month


Comprising of the last and longest serving members of The Fall: this is Imperial Wax! When Mark E. Smith died in 2018, one of the greatest bands in British history, The Fall, died with him. Dave Spurr, Keiron Melling and Pete Greenway were the last and longest-serving line-up of the 66(ish) permanent members of that most brilliantly irresolute of rock bands. They served together throughout what turned out to be The Fall’s final phase. Dave, Keiron and Pete joined forces with singer and guitarist Sam Curran to forge a unique sound infusing garage, punk, krautrock, rockabilly, post punk and more. 

The debut album Gastwerk Saboteurs was released in May 2019 and was positively received – as were the singles No Mans Land and Art Of Projection. The result is a record that in many ways picks up where this iteration of The Fall left off instrumentally at least albeit with added heaviness thanks to the addition of Curran on guitar. Live too we can expect more of the brilliant sense of tension and power that characterised that band’s final decade. “However bad your week’s been it’s all gone after the gig” says Melling. “It’s probably a bit heavier than we went with The Fall but not metal or anything!”“ There’s still the same amount of brutality" says Spurr. "We just don’t have Mark walking about and pissing about with our amps any more!”

Imperial Wax will do their first Dutch show this month:
19/10: Rotterdam, NL - Left Of The Dial
23/10: Nijmegen, NL - Merleyn
26/10: Amsterdam, NL - London Calling