× Henhouse Prowlers hit the road: Saudi Arabia to Europe to the UAE

Henhouse Prowlers hit the road: Saudi Arabia to Europe to the UAE


It was about 6 months ago that the Henhouse Prowlers got one of those phone calls that made their hair stand up on the back of their necks. The Embassies in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates each were looking for a bluegrass band to do some diplomacy work in February, and if they were available? It took significant effort to maintain composure as politely writing back "YES!"

In between and after Saudi Arabia and UAE there is more exploring to do. On their longest tour the band has been on, roughly two months, the band will spend 3 weeks in de Middle East and the rest they'll be spending in Europe, hitting some new counties (Spain, France, Switzerland and Italy), as well as going back and hitting their mainstays in the Benelux and beyond. Find all tourdates below! Resting on no haunches, the Henhouse Prowlers just released a new album "Still On That Ride" in the summer of 2015. Along with their cover of the Nigerian pop hit “Chop My Money,” the album consists of 13 original songs with each member collaborating in contribution. The band is beyond excited to put out their most self-authored work to date!

20-02-2016: Lyon (FR) @ Kraspek Myzek
21-02-2016: Paratico (IT) @ Belleville Rendezvous
22-02-2016: Trento (IT) @ Arci Arsenale
23-02-2016: Arbizzano (VR) (IT) @ Officina degli Angeli
24-02-2016: Perugia (IT) @ Mercoledi Rock
26-02-2016: Savona (IT) @ Raindogs
01-03-2016: Luanco (ESP) @ La Taberne de Hank
02-03-2016: Bilbao (ESP) @ Kafe Antzokia
03-03-2016: Barcelona (ESP) @ Rocksound
04-03-2016: Zaragoza (ESP) @ Las Armas
05-03-2016: Madrid (ESP) @ Boite Live
06-03-2016: Montemayor de Pilila (ESP) @ Fábrica de Cerveza de Milanaigu
09-03-2016: Olten (CH) @ Vario Bar
10-03-2016: Schaffhausen (CH) @ Tap Tab
11-03-2016: Disentis (CH) @ Nangijala
19-03-2016: Wolfersheim (DE) @ Antik Cafe
20-03-2016: Den Bosch (NL) @ W2 Poppodium
21-03-2016: Munich (DE) @ Vintage Pub (private concert)
22-03-2016: Munich (DE) @ Vintage Pub (private concert)
23-03-2016: Roding (DE) @ Roadhouse
24-03-2016: Arnhem (NL) @ Luxor Live
25-03-2016: Eeklo (BE) @ N9
26-03-2016: Rotterdam (NL) @ Het Geheim van Noord
28-03-2016: Utrecht (NL) @ De Parel van Zuilen