× Dylan LeBlanc announces special solo tour for March

Dylan LeBlanc announces special solo tour for March


It won’t take long after pressing play on Renegade, singer-songwriter Dylan LeBlanc’s first album in three years, to realize something has changed. The once low-key, often atmospheric and tender style LeBlanc had perfected over the course of three previous releases gets a shot of adrenaline. The opening electric guitar riff explodes into a full-fledged Tom Petty-styled strum rocker, complete with enhanced reverb and a driving, insistently propulsive rhythm. Welcome to LeBlanc’s finest hour!

While not everything jumps out with the same force, the ballads reverberate with a fuller dynamic approach. LeBlanc says he felt himself going in a more intense direction, but producer Dave Cobb also helped create the audio bedrock which makes these still introspective songs so sonically rich. LeBlanc’s sweet, gentle high-pitched tenor voice would seem to be at odds with the more rocking style and the chiming guitar-driven songs but the combination works beautifully. The tougher edge brings heft to the vocals and his singing tamps down the music’s aggressive qualities.

This March Dylan LeBlanc will be over for a series of special solo shows:

17/03: Helsinki, FIN - Silmien Takana
18/03: Oslo, NO - John Dee
19/03: Kristianstad, SWE - Kulturkvarteret
20/03: Stockholm, SWE - Bryggarsalen
21/03: Gothenburg, SWE - Pustervik
22/03: Copenhagen, DK - Hotel Cecil
23/03: Berlin, DE - Frannz Club
24/03: Heist-op-den-Berg, BE - Staminee de Living
25/03: Amsterdam, NL - Paradiso
27/03: Paris, FR - NoPi
28/03: Mülheim, DE  - Café Pottschwarz
29/03: Cologne, DE - Die Wohngemeinschaft

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