× Daniel Romano releases "Finally Free" and announces first European tour dates

Daniel Romano releases "Finally Free" and announces first European tour dates


Finally Free” marks Daniel Romano’s eighth long playing album in the last eight years. He has had what understatedly would be considered a prolific output of incredibly entrancing, poignant and creative records in this span of time. Recording, producing, designing and landing his records into the minds and hearts of scores of fans the world over. He has been called a shapeshifter, contrived, a chameleon, a Charlatan, the best living songwriter, an asshole and a genius. His last record, “Modern pressure” received outstandingly high acclaim and praise from every notable publication out there and was acknowledged by most reputable “for-profit-prize-corporations” as well as a plethora of voguish “music-as-competitive-sport” year end lists. Despite being the bronze placeholder in most of these dogfights, he is most often noted as a person of astounding influence on all of his musically economic successors. 

Romano’s new effort “Finally Free” could stand alone as being pivotal if it were only its profound and breathtaking prose on paper. Writing now like an agnostic Whitman in his prime, Romano explores and uncovers new language and meaning for old sentiments grown tired, stating, “these poems are most certainly my finest and most principled efforts to date.” Finally Free sings like a radical revelation, exploring the concepts of music as a celestial being, flora as a consequential ancestor and singing, no matter its quality or sound, as the endmost important output of our species. This record contains a vivid religious articulation despite its clear condemnation of a god as a singular ruling white male. New words have replaced old words for new meaning and the definitions have been left up to interpretation. It seems safe to say that Romano has broken the literary soil hard and ferociously to find the remaining repose in our current “danse macabre.

Today Daniel Romano announces the first European tourdates for Finally Free:

12/05: Antwerpen (NL) @ De Roma 
24/05: Brugge (BE) @ Cactus Muziekclub 
26/05: Groningen (NL) @ Oosterpoort 
28/05: Amsterdam (NL) @ Paradiso Noord 
29/05: Eindhoven (NL) @ Effenaar 
30/05: Hellendoorn (NL) @ Dauwpop 
15/06: Stockholm (SWE) @ Sthlm Americana 

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